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The Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences Drug Chemistry Discipline operates in five laboratory locations to include: Huntsville, Birmingham/Hoover, Montgomery, Auburn, and Mobile.

The Drug Chemistry Discipline is charged with the mission of identifying the presence or absence of controlled substances and precursor chemicals used in the manufacture of illegal drugs. To accomplish this mission the drug chemistry section utilizes a variety of extraction methodologies and analytical instruments.

All items will undergo visual examination. The following observations are noted if applicable: type of material, color, size, shape, amount, morphology, significant markings, and texture.

Once the physical drug form (solid, liquid, residue, plant material, tablet, etc…) is established presumptive and confirmation methodologies can be performed. If quantity allows, all data generated must come from two separate samplings using at least two independent tests to include MS analysis.

Learn more about the presumptive and confirmation methodologies, click on the methodologies below.

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